The Dayton-Kettering area in Ohio has ranked in the top ten for economic development for metropolitans of its size the past twelve years. Now, it has managed to move into the number two spot. The ranking comes from Site Selection Magazine, which publishes a list each year comparing the size of economic development projects in all of the different metropolitan areas in the United States. This economic growth benefits not just the people involved in the development projects, but the entire Dayton community.

Employment Opportunities

The Dayton area offers many opportunities to anyone looking for construction jobs or IT work, where the demand for construction professionals, software engineers, accountants, programmers, and analysts is as high as it has ever been. In fact, the state of Ohio as a whole is experiencing tremendous growth. Only Texas had more development projects in 2018 than Ohio. Ohio had an astounding 454 projects this past year. 40 of those projects were in the Dayton area alone, including and Conagra. Each of these projects either invested $1 million dollars, grew by 20,000 square feet, or added 20 new jobs, which means this economic development is creating new job opportunities.

The Dayton Development Coalition

One reason the Dayton area has experiences such incredible growth is the Dayton Development Coalition—a major regional economic development group. The coalition operates across 12 counties in the Dayton-Kettering area and managed to create 3,880 new jobs in 2018. This added $203 million to the area’s annual payroll total. Most of the jobs were also high-paying jobs. That’s up 80% from the previous year. The other impressive feat was that the area also had increases in retention. The coalition contributed to over 13,000 retained positions in the region.

The Dayton area is known for its history of innovation. The car starter, the airplane, and the search engine all came out of Dayton, Ohio. The Development Coalition hopes to reinvigorate the region as a research and technology hub. With this commitment, Dayton has become an ideal place for professionals in the IT, engineering, construction, and accounting industries. New positions are opening up daily so there are a lot of opportunities, whether you’re looking for a career change or are just starting your career.


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