32% of Gen Z Have Thought About a Career in Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is seeing tremendous growth due to technological advancements in nanotechnology, artificial intelligence (AI), and robotics. Interestingly, Generation Z is showing a keen interest in the industry due to the growth opportunities and flexibility the manufacturing industry is offering.

Today, more mentors and teachers recommend careers in the manufacturing industry. According to the annual L2L Manufacturing index, 32% of Gen-Z have considered working in manufacturing.

While 6 out of 10 positions in manufacturing still remain empty due to false notions attached to the industry, it is high time for a perceptional shift. Young talent shows flexibility, creativity, and transparency and is eager to grow. You can leverage this talent to bring positive changes to your work environment and processes.

Is the industry prepared to welcome Gen-Z who are showing interest in the field?

Technology-driven Talent

Technology, automation, data, and digital collaboration come naturally to Gen-Z. They are technologically savvy and work exceptionally well in high-tech environments.

A technology-driven workplace is not just an excellent incentive, it also transforms how things are done in the industry. Technology not only automates processes but also helps in the early detection of machine anomalies that can cost thousands of dollars if neglected. By utilizing new tools and resources, you can improve business models, resulting in higher profit margins.

Education First

Gen-Z is among the best-educated generation so far and are more likely to be enrolled in college and have a college-educated parent.

A work environment that provides training, education, and learning opportunities are necessary to attract them. While baby boomers are known for carrying industry skillsets for years, Gen-Z can fill in that gap through education and training.

Environmentally Conscious

More people from Gen-Z are environmentally conscious and understand the risks of climate change. Choosing eco-friendly options and following ethical industrial practices can make you a more welcoming place for this group.

Flexible Work Culture

In terms of hiring, the manufacturing industry may be in the middle of a generational shift that can positively change how things are done.

For years now, most people are working remotely. Bringing them back from the comforts of their homes can be a challenge. While some jobs such as production-focused roles are not possible remotely, you can show flexibility in other roles.

Adopting hybrid or remote work options can help attract Gen-Z candidates into the industry.


Gen-Z values their individuality and freedom. They want to work for employers that are transparent, honest, and encouraging. Working in an environment that aligns with their values and goals is highly important to Gen-Z.

The baby boomers are slowly leaving the manufacturing industry and taking their years-long skillset with them. The statistics predict increased interest in the manufacturing industry among Gen-Z. Is the industry ready to welcome this generational change?

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