Your overall understanding of the accounting and finance industry can be the key to successful networking, expanding your client list, or even receiving great job offers. Yet, it’s not always what you learn in textbooks and college that counts. For instance, there’s a an expanse of valuable information published online. Blogs and podcasts can be some of the best resources when it comes to stay current with the latest trends in accounting and finance. From learning about new rules and regulations to discovering which companies are currently hiring, here are seven accounting and finance blogs and podcasts you need to follow.

  1. Super CFO – This group is renowned for being one of the largest finance-oriented associations on LinkedIn, and it continues to bridge the gap between industries by providing a way for professionals to network with each other. It also serves as an excellent platform for launching the careers of finance students.
  2. Accounting Play Podcast – CPA John Gillingham offers advice on everything from accounting basics and how to approach job interviews to introductions to C-corporations and increase and decrease of debits and credits.
  3. Accounting Best Practices with Steve Bragg – Here’s one of the most popular podcasts for learning practical and relevant information about accounting standards, best practices, acquisitions, accounting technology, closing the books, payroll, metrics, handling auditors, continuing education, cycle counting and advising management.
  4. The Xero Gravity – Join hosts Gene Marks and Elizabeth U as they interview small business owners and cover topics that include how to boost your income, how to attract new customers, manage a work-life balance, and generally make your business or practice thrive.
  5. The Abacus Show – If you’re want some of the best career and job search advice, then tune in to this podcast for online courses in topics like resume building and using LinkedIn effectively. Past episodes have covered everything from going back to school for an accounting degree to improving your business communication skills.
  6. Accountants Doing Cool Sh!t – The accounting profession has a stereotype for being a mundane career with people stuck in cubicles from 9 to 5. This podcast is reinventing what it means to be a modern-day accountant by featuring those that are using their skills and creativity to do some interesting and innovative work.
  7. Memos from Howard Marks – American investor and writer Howard Marks has become a steadfast financial expert and has been lending his economic insights to investors for decades. His insightful memos cover a variety of notable topics in the field of economics.

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