Entry Level to Executive Banking Jobs

The banking industry offers a wide variety of career tracks if you are interested in working with numbers and enjoy customer service. Despite the industry shake up in the past few years job prospects are strong. Sarah Brooks writes in her article, Top Jobs for Career Advancement, “There will always be a need for financial analysts, loan officers, investment bankers, accountants, financial advisers and even tellers. The beauty of working for a bank is you can move around until you find something you truly enjoy. The options are endless — from management to working in the corporate office. Another plus is you can start as a teller without a degree and work your way up via certifications and licensing.”

Industry Growth

Unlike other industries where a setback can ruin job prospects for a long time, banking careers have a positive outlook. Banks are in every community so finding an opportunity is not as challenging as in other job markets. According to Laura Acevedo in her article on eHow.com, Good Things About a Banking Career, “Banking employment and wages are expected to increase through 2018 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Career Guide to Industries, despite volatility experienced within the industry. Opportunities are expected to be high for administrative and office-related positions due to the historically high turnover rate of these positions. Job growth and a large industry are two good things about a banking career.”

Big Market Opportunities

Competition is everywhere, and so is opportunity. So no matter where you start your banking career you can find opportunities to climb the ladder whether in the bank where you started or in the one next door or in another market altogether. In an article on BankingCareersInfo.com, Banking Careers Are Booming, they state, “Banking institutions offer many opportunities for advancement, and many banks will even pay for or reimburse the talented employee for continuing education courses, as well as courses toward a college degree, with some requirements. Banks and banking regulatory agencies offer many opportunities for advancement for ambitious professionals. A skilled and knowledgeable banking professional will be in demand for promotions both within his or her own bank (depending on the bank’s size), as well as in other competing banks with similar departments.”

Because of the competitive nature of the market banks provide: good benefits, opportunities at every level, excellent growth potential, and a professional environment. Choosing a career in banking opens doors to many opportunities.


– Susan Mitchell