There are a number of trends driving commercial construction in 2019. E-commerce is one of the movements that continues to significantly impact our industry as it grows in popularity. In addition to the convenience it provides, online shopping has also triggered a variety of new and exciting construction careers to meet the growing demand for commercial warehouse development around the country. Qualified contractors are currently needed the most in California, Atlanta, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Pennsylvania, Houston, Chicago, New York, New Jersey, Seattle, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Specialized Skills

As construction recruiters, we always need candidates who have specific training and expertise building modern-day warehouses that are equipped with robotics-driven automated storage and retrieval systems. Storing and distributing goods is already a top priority for some of the world’s leading e-commerce brands, like Amazon. The Seattle-based company broke ground on 23 new warehouses in 2018 alone, with half of them measuring at least 1 million square feet.

Commercial Warehouse Development: A Growing Market

Another report suggests that e-commerce will fuel the warehouse management system market to reach a staggering value of $5 billion by 2025 by adding 57,000 new warehouses. Sheet metal installers, carpenters, concrete workers and electricians are some of the most essential positions when it comes to commercial warehouse development.

Facing Talent Challenges

The biggest challenge is that contractors have not been able to keep up with the demand. Although baby boomers are still dominating the construction workforce, we are encouraging construction companies to focus more on enticing millennials into the industry, along with other up-and-coming generations of workers by advertising job security, flexibility and quick career advancement. You can also expect increased base pay with more benefits and bonus incentives in most of our construction jobs. Another strategy that has been effective in the past is to enlist temporary workers to meet our current labor needs. Traditional warehouses still allow for firms to cut costs by utilizing prefabricated construction that is completed offsite.

In addition to consistent commercial warehouse development around the U.S., there are several other high-profile projects being planned, or that have already broken ground, and will drive construction demand throughout this year. The best opportunities are often with companies that have track records of increasing their revenue from year to year. Working with a recruiter who is focused on the construction industry can help you make a move to advance your career in construction by working with a firm that is successful and involved in many of these growing markets.


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