Interview Questions

Engineering candidates are often saddled with the burden of attempting to identify engineer interview questions and answers to help.  Google, Apple and most of the rest of the top tech companies in the world use challenging interviews to test candidates’ problem-solving abilities.  Everything from one’s behavioral psychology to the understanding of algorithmic nuances, data structures and other engineering nuances is fair game during interviews.

The challenge lies in preparing for common engineer interview questions and answers to help.  Recruiters provide invaluable assistance throughout this process, setting the stage for candidates to respond with carefully crafted answers that make a positive and lasting impression.  Let’s take a look at some of the most common interview questions and answers.

How would you go about helping a manager choose between two or more technologies?

The purpose of asking this interview question is to get a sense of the candidate’s ability to think logically and make a convincing argument rooted in reason and fact as opposed to guesswork or salesmanship.  From choosing between engineering software products to system designs, data architecture, algorithms or other nuanced options, the best engineers know how to communicate their preference with clarity and cogency.

Preparing for such engineer interview questions and answers is that much easier if you have years of industry experience or a savvy recruiter in your corner.  Embrace the opportunity to practice interviewing with a recruiter or another party before your scheduled interview and you’ll have the confidence and preparation necessary to respond to questions quickly andaccurately.

Can you explain how programming types such as object-oriented and functional are different or similar?

The question asked above is presented in pre-screening as it provides candidates with the opportunity to explain the details of software development.  This interview question also provides the candidate with an opportunity to explain why he or she prefers a specific software development approach.  Use your response as an opportunity to delve into one or several of the following programming languages:

  • Haskell
  • Clojure
  • Elrang

Alternatively, you can respond to such an inquiry by explaining your preference for the object-oriented approach.

Can you explain the role of data tables in inventory management systems?

Engineering recruiters are quick to highlight engineering questions and answers to help you practice for the big day, focusing on the importance of data tables.  A candidates’ knowledge of inventory management systems’ data tables and ability to explain their purpose in detail has the potential to set him or her apart from the pack.  A candidate who can explain data table creation along with data field types and other nuances of systems used for inventory and other purposes holds a considerable competitive advantage in the context of hiring.

How do you approach designing purpose-driven systems for scale?

The answer to this question probably won’t come quickly or easily.  Designing a system with scale in mind requires critical thinking skills, planning and an engineering background.  Candidates who can communicate how they scale massive web services as well as comparably small ones into larger capacities as time progresses are that much more likely to make it to the next round of interviews or receive an employment offer.