There is much said about millennials in the workplace, but companies also need to start thinking about Generation Z—those born after 1996. This is especially true in the tech field where many young professionals have gravitated including IT, programming, and engineering. By 2020, there will be over 15 million job seekers and employees who belong to Generation Z. Here’s how to adjust your hiring strategy for Gen Z in tech.

Gen Z Grew up Online

They may only make up 5% of the workforce right now, but in a couple of years, that number could jump to 20%. Gen Z is set to make major waves and your company needs to be prepared. Some members of Gen Z have had smartphones for as long as they can remember. With this in mind, you want to make sure your website and landing pages are mobile-friendly. Your website should be well-designed, visually appealing, quick to load, and easy to access. Many in this generation are visual learners. It helps if your website includes videos that showcase what your company and its culture are all about.

Job Ads Designed to Appeal to Generation Z

You know what social media platforms and website you spend much of you time on, but you might not know what the youngest professionals are doing with their spare time. A great place to start is with a survey of the job seekers who were born after 1996. It’s wise to do some research to find out what social media apps they spend the most time on, the online stores they visit the most, etc. With this information, you can create ad campaigns specifically designed to reach Generation Z.

Adjust Your Communication Style

Because they grew up on smartphones, members of Gen Z have a different way of communicating than generations that came before them. They’re used to communicating in an environment that is concise and fast. You can use this to your advantage. If you interview a candidate who belongs to this generation, follow up with them immediately via email. They also want information that is easy to process. When developing recruitment content, make sure the content provides information in a way that is straightforward and efficient.

While millennials are often thought to be idealistic, generation Z has developed a unique set of values that is quite different from their predecessor. They are pragmatic and self-aware. They grew up watching their parents struggle through a recession, so they prioritize job security more than many millennials do. They’re also highly imaginative, well-informed, and extremely motivated. To connect with Generation Z, you want a recruitment strategy that emphasizes communication, creativity, and security.


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