How Accounting Firms Attract Top Talent in the Industry

According to the 2022 AICPA Private Companies Practice Section survey, finding and retaining top talent is listed as one of the top issues that accounting firms have been facing.

Finding top-level talent exhausts energy, effort, money, and time. Adopting the right approach can easily cut down on the cost, time, and effort required.

Accounting companies need to broaden their horizons and look at the world as a consistently changing environment. Adopting 40-year-old practices won’t cut it in this fast-paced, ever-changing world anymore.

How can accounting firms attract top talent in the industry? Let us explore further.

1.Have a Unique Brand Voice

The employees these days don’t join firms just for money anymore. People want to work for employers who are making a difference in the world. They want to be part of a team where they can bring out their skills and freely share their experiences. If your brand has a unique value proposition that differentiates you from the rest of the similar brands, it will attract talent.

2.Open Communication

Set up one on one calls with your employees. Periodically have the senior level staff check up on the junior level staff. Keep channels of communication open and provide a space where people can openly share their concerns and suggestions.

3.Provide Mentorship

When hiring recent graduates or entry-level positions, it is important to provide mentorship and training opportunities. This doesn’t just apply to newbies, your older staff may also need a refresher. In the accounting industry, you never stop learning as there’s always something new to learn and apply.

4.Stay up-to-date with technology

Another major concern listed in the AICPA Private Companies Practice Section survey is emerging technologies. Often accounting firms tend to stick to old practices and are not as flexible in adapting to the changing technologies. If you want to attract top talent, your team must be equipped with the latest technological tools in the industry.

5.Fun Environment

In the next couple of years, the Baby Boomer generation would have mostly retired. Hence, attracting and retaining millennials and Gen Z would be crucial to your firm’s success and growth.

Gen Z and Millenials prefer working in spaces that offer outlets to relax, have fun, and connect during work hours. This can be in the form of team lunches, providing a pool table, or going on short team walks. A balance between work and taking a break will keep your employees refreshed and they will perform better.

Finding the right talent in today’s challenging landscape may seem daunting but is not impossible. Top recruiting agencies can not only help you find qualified candidates but also help you throughout the hiring process including conducting interviews, making pre-close offers, and bringing the candidate on board.

Whether you’re a candidate seeking a new career opportunity, or an employer looking for top talent to fill a vacancy, our team of staffing and recruiting experts is here to help. Please use the form below to submit your questions, comments or suggestions, or contact Whitney at 937-439-7703.