Some companies discourage their employees from creating a personal brand for themselves on social media. They worry that the personal brand they put out will conflict with the brand of the company, and they worry how this will affect their company’s reputation. Some employers fear that if employees create a strong enough brand online, they could end up being poached by recruiters or rival companies. Yet, allowing employees to develop personal brands can help them excel in information technology careers as well as benefit their company in numerous ways.

Developing a Brand Can Help Employees Grow

When IT professionals post original content or make comments on social media, they have an opportunity to engage in the IT community in a meaningful way. It is a chance for them to test their knowledge, make connections with other professionals, and grow their leadership skills. All of this benefits the employer because when employees engage in the field and network, they push themselves. They may evolve new skill or new ways to approach problems. If the personal brand that the employee develops turns them into an emerging star in the industry, this reflects positively on the company they work for and enhances the company’s reputation.

When Employers Stifle Their Employees’ Creativity, They Risk Becoming Obsolete

IT is a fast-moving, constantly changing field. Your employees need to be allowed to grow and learn or they will fall behind. If they fall behind, the company will too. The last thing any IT department wants is to become obsolete. However, if your employees have the freedom to seek out new knowledge and test their limitations, they will bring what they learn from the process to work. Having more knowledge can help the company stay relevant. In addition, when employees have a strong online presence, they tend to receive more feedback, which allows them to be more adaptable.

Not Allowing Employees to Develop a Brand Can Hurt Them in the Long-Run

Not every employee will stay with your company forever. You may have to let them go. They may move to a different state. A relative could become sick. Anything can happen. In the case that the employee has to leave their job, not having an established brand can make it impossible for them to find work later on. In today’s market, finding a job depends on having a solid network. If employees aren’t allowed to network, they will need to rely on job boards and other job search activities that are less effective. This reflects poorly on your company. If people know it is hard to find work upon leaving your company, they won’t want to accept job offers from you. People are always thinking about their long-term career goals, not just their short-term needs.

While employers worry about their employees ranting about the company on Facebook or accidentally saying something on Twitter that negatively effects the company’s image, allowing IT employees to develop personal brands online will allow them to grow and develop their skills, stay up to date on what’s going on in the IT field, and build their professional network. Developing their personal brands can help them excel in information technology careers all around. All of this helps your company stay relevant and effective.


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