A career in engineering allows you to use your creativity and analytical skills to find practical solutions to real world problems. Engineering is also one of the fastest growing industries at the moment. However, finding the right engineering job isn’t always easy. Whether you’re looking to become a software engineer, an analyst, or a programmer, getting hired in engineering is as much about doing well in your current position as it is about putting your best foot forward into the next.

Skills to Develop

First and foremost, develop your critical thinking skills. At its core, engineering is about problem-solving. You need to be able to think critically to find creative solutions to common problems, and you need to be able to show hiring managers that you have this ability. Another key skill is good communication. Because engineering is a particularly technical field, you have to communicate precisely. You also need to take technical information and communicate it to people who have no engineering background. A final skill you need is the ability to learn quickly. The field is in a constant state of change, so you need to always be learning. By showing you have these skills in your current position, you will have an easier time winning over potential employers.

Resume Tips

Your resume creates a picture of your skill set, accomplishments, and career goals. You need your resume to be current and descriptive. Update your resume whenever you learn a new skill or software program or succeed on an important project. You also need to customize your resume each time you apply for a new position so that you highlight the skills and experience that best fit with the job position in question. Your experience section should be achievement-oriented. It’s the most important part of your resume. Show them that you can do more than complete tasks and that you can truly be an asset to their company.

Interview Tips

Interviews for engineering are highly technical, so preparation is complete. You need to show you understand all the basics of the science, but that you also understand the business side of engineering as well. Hiring managers can tell if you aren’t prepared or are trying to bluff your way through the interview. It is also crucial that you talk about your skills, experiences, strengths, and weaknesses honestly. If they ask if you have any questions, ask questions that demonstrate your interest in the company and the position.

While engineering is a rapidly growing industry with many excellent job opportunities, you have to bring your A-game if you want to land the right job. You need to showcase your critical thinking and communication, demonstrate your knowledge, and leave employers with a great first impression.


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