Technology is one of the most competitive fields right now. This means it is easy for employees to find other job opportunities if they so choose. If they are unsatisfied with their current company, they can resign with little risk. Chances are they will find a new role relatively quickly. So how can you make sure your talent stays on board with you after you hire them? Here are some tips.


One of the most important things a hiring manager can do is communicate clearly during the hiring process. A new employee will begin a job with expectations based on what they learned from the interview and job description. The role has to be what you said it was going to be. Otherwise, employees may feel betrayed and will begin to question their decision.

You need to follow through on everything you said were going to do and follow through on all aspects of your offer. This will establish mutual trust and respect and make it more likely that they will be honest and forthright with you. More than anything, employees want to feel like you respect and appreciate them.

Have a Vision and a Plan

Most employees want structure and order, so they can excel in their role. They also appreciate clear goals. Communicate clearly what the company’s vision and plans are. Not only should the company have clear plans, but the leadership team needs to make sure plans are running smoothly. Employees want to work for a company whose management is competent and functions well. If new employees sense chaos in their first couple of weeks, they will keep their eyes out for other options.

Deliver on Your Projects

Your promises matter. If you promise a certain project, make sure you deliver. You want employees to know they can count on you. It is also a chance to strengthen the bond between you and your employees. You can show employees that you trust them by giving them responsibilities that allow them to develop their skills and learn on the job.

Foster Work Culture

Work culture is more essential to retention than ever before. In particular, employees are looking for flexibility. Professionals want a good work-life balance. Managers are making adjustments, knowing that it’s an essential element of retention in the current employment climate. Managers need to let employees take time off for doctor appointments, family emergencies, and other things that come up in everyday life. Some companies are also allowing employees work remotely. Companies are becoming more flexible because they have to. Tech companies can’t afford to be rigid. If they don’t foster a culture where people want to work, employees are going to leave for a better option, simply because they can. Flexibility also involves giving employees more autonomy. Employees want to be able to make decisions and create their own path.

Retaining strong employees in the tech field has its challenges. If you practice good communication, follow through on your promises, and work with employees to help them grow and develop their skills, you can increase the chances of them staying with your company for the long-haul.

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