Whether you’re looking to move away from IT projects’ technical intricacies or are open to other business opportunities, transitioning from project management in a technical field to a non-technical one can be challenging. The workflow, values, and overall environment surrounding IT project management can vary significantly from other, less technical areas. For those who want to transition away from this line of work, here are some helpful pointers.

Understand the Culture

One of the most challenging aspects of working in another field is getting used to the new environment. With different co-workers, superiors, and workspace, it’s completely unfamiliar territory. Understanding what the routines are in this new workspace can make you settle in much faster than you think.

If you can, try getting involved with projects as soon as possible. You’ll be learning the intricacies of non-technical project management sooner or later, so it’s best if you start immediately.

Learn the Language

Even though you may not be working with IT-related or technical matters anymore, there may still be technical information you have yet to learn. For example, project management for the education industry requires knowledge of a completely different set of acronyms native to the group but unfamiliar elsewhere.

Incorporate Previous Skills

Transitioning away from IT project management can be complex for some as it may mean abandoning all the technical knowledge they had learned over the years. But you can still make use of this knowledge, even if you don’t directly work with tech anymore. Transitioning to a different role may be easier for you if moving to a tech company’s non-technical field.

While tech companies look for professional IT and related talent, there are many other aspects of the company that do not directly involve this work line. HR management, product management, marketing, and many more – these departments do not directly apply technical details but serve a vital role within the company nonetheless.

You can use your technical expertise in these non-technical fields by serving as a bridge between the departments. Despite working on different parts of the company, many projects involve technical and non-technical departments’ cooperation. It may be difficult for the latter to understand the needs of the former. In these situations, you can provide your perspective and allow better collaboration

Transitioning to a different nature field can be challenging, especially when leaving all your past work behind. It is possible, however, to make this move easier in your new workspace. You may even be able to make use of your past knowledge as an IT manager in the future, too.