The onboarding process involves bringing new employees into the team and helping them become full members. Onboarding gives new talent the tools they need to integrate themselves into the company’s culture, so they feel like they belong. If onboarding is done right, it will help new employees work more effectively and last longer. Here are some ways you can make the transition easier for new employees.

Allocate Time for Training

Most successful onboarding programs last around a year because it takes a lot to ensure a smooth transition for both the new employee and existing employees. Training has to be at the center of onboarding. The first week or two should be devoted to training. You need to have a plan set in place, so they know what to expect. Training should educate the employee on company rules, procedures, and expectations. On day one, new employees need to understand what their job requirements are. It helps if they understand the job parameters of their coworkers as well. This clarity will keep them from overstepping boundaries and making a bad impression on coworkers. Training will also involve familiarizing the new employees with various tools and technology that will be important to their job. Furthermore, the talent also needs to know what the company’s short-term and long-term goals are.

Provide a Mentor

Giving new employees a mentor will help them feel less isolated and will help them adjust to their new working environment. Without a mentor, new employees can feel like they are on an island. Mentors are useful because oftentimes new employees will feel more comfortable asking questions to a peer than a manager. Mentors can also introduce new employees to the rest of the team. It is important that the new employee is introduced to everyone they will be working with. They will feel more welcomed this way.

Keep Motivation High

The employees who stay are the ones who are driven to succeed. Early on, you want to go over project with them. Make sure they understand the directions and help them feel excited about the work. You also want to offer constructive feedback, plenty of praise, and performance incentives. It helps to maintain regular meetings. Check in with them to make sure they feel comfortable. Weekly meetings are great opportunity to provide useful feedback and words of encouragement. This is also a chance to make sure your onboarding strategies work. You can ask them what they like and don’t like about the training process.

Help New Employees Take Ownership

Independence, autonomy, and accountability are some of the most important qualities an employee can embody. Rather than micromanaging them, you want to help them take ownership of their role and responsibilities. If employees know what the expectations are and have all the tools they need to meet those expectation, they can do their job much more efficiently. Helping new employees become autonomous should be a major focus of the onboarding process.

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