The current surge of millennials into the workforce continues to affect the dynamics in the tech market in a variety of different ways. Some leaders are finding it challenging to manage and control team dynamics after millennials are hired. Not only does this generation want more money, they also desire more flexibility, and a better work- life balance. A more specialized approach is needed when it comes to leading millennials in the tech workforce.

Mentoring Millennials

Many successful tech leaders have found that dedicating more one-on-one time with this generation of workers can help with productivity, morale, and retention. Managers can improve dynamics by pairing new millennial workers with a mentor who can help guide and encourage them. But managers should also engage with them on a regular basis to ensure that they remain on the path to success.

Creating a Collaborative Work Environment

Those who have a mixed generation team should strive to promote a collaborative work environment. It’s not very likely that everyone will share the same beliefs when it comes to something like politics, and when too many people discuss opposing views, it often leads to a toxic environment. Leaders should make it a point to discourage such debates during working hours. The end goal should always be to build a roster of team players, rather than people looking to standout on their own.

Overcoming Negative Stereotypes

Millennials are frequently referred to as “the entitled generation.” Even though they might seem to make more demands than other workers, most of them still want to earn recognition through hard work. It’s important to discuss any concerns with them on a regular basis so that potential roadblocks can be cleared. It’s also a generation that’s been spoiled by the instant gratification that modern technology has provided them with. Although millennials might not be as patient as their predecessors, having employees who are speedy can actually help companies save time and money because it often improves productivity. Millennials don’t only rely on technology for entertainment purposes, they are also generally more capable when it comes to applying their knowledge to workplace problems.

A Shortage of Younger Talent

There also seems to be a looming shortage of millennials willing to enter the tech field in the first place. Millennials tend to want their work to make some kind of a positive impact on the world around them. Organizations can attract more of them by creating millennial-friendly workplaces. It all begins with establishing a mission that matches the ideals of millennials so that they feel a sense of purpose.

Leaders that can adapt their management styles to properly engage millennials will reap the benefits. Managers who learn how to turn the negative stereotypes into positive attributes, along with being willing to invest in ongoing professional development, will be able to build powerful inter-generational teams.


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