Technology has quickly become one of the most exciting professions in which to work. The industry is evolving quickly and has seemingly limitless opportunities around the world. There’s a consistent demand for candidates who have the general skills and knowledge of how to support information technology activities in the workplace. Yet, exceptional pay and benefits aren’t the only rewards of working in the tech field. Software engineers are also privy to a variety of these other perks.

High Demand

Nearly every sector utilizes technology professionals in one way or another. From arts and entertainment to healthcare and transportation, software engineers are in constant demand around the world. Recruiters are consistently searching for talented candidates for roles such as computer programming, computer systems administrator, computer support specialist, database administrator, information security analyst, IT manager, web developer, software developer and computer system analyst.


Tech professionals are challenged each and every day to create solutions for problems that people are experiencing. Great software engineers are able to solve the problem first and then write the code to fix it. Compared to many other careers, it’s one of the most exciting and stimulating. There are opportunities to be a part of cutting-edge technology, like developing software for drones, working for the Department of Defense with a security clearance, cybersecurity, developing autonomous cars, and the list goes on.


Career advancement and mobility are two major benefits of working in technology. The world has a demand for computer engineers and there are always opportunities to move to the next level in your career or advance your position to a larger or more cutting-edge organization. Variety is also a built-in aspect of the industry. Some choose this field because it allows them to fly into a city, work on a project for a few months, and then move on to the next destination when it’s completed.

Job security

The technology field has built in job security that is highly appealing to many professionals. The predicted job growth rate for software engineers is 24 percent over the next decade versus about 5 percent for all other careers. There are also what some consider to be recession-proof industries that rely on software engineers such as banking, insurance, defense contracting, etc.

Remote Work

A growing number of engineers are finding opportunities that enable them to work remotely as digital nomads. Or, all you need are your skills, and a computer to begin your own consulting firm, or to invent the next viral app.

Great Pay and Benefits

Software engineers, electrical design engineers, programmers, and software architects all enjoy a higher than average pay range with the opportunity to make more with higher credentials and more experience. This make the industry a highly desirable one in which to work.

So, if you enjoy learning, and keeping your skills up-to-date, then working in the tech field might be a good fit for you. Even though most companies require a bachelor’s degree in computer science to become a software engineer, there are always new software languages and techniques to master. Some other skills that are required include an analytical mindset, sharp attention to detail and an ability to collaborate well with others.


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