Now that we are halfway through 2019, we can clearly see the software development trends that are dominating the year. These trends will greatly affect businesses and engineering companies. Software development is one of industries that is constantly in flux, so as a company you need to be able to predict and adapt to the changes.


Microservices are a software development architecture that focuses on developing single-function, lightweight apps. Microservices will be the platform for many of the new apps that come out this year because this software development technique allows companies to and develop and release new products faster than was previously possible. Engineers like microservices because they have the flexibility to write codes in whatever language they work best in, while firms enjoy the enhanced flexibility microservices provide.

Artificial Intelligence

AI saw a lot of growth in 2018, but it will dominate 2019 as well. AI represents the main factor that drives digital transformation, and digital transformation is a strategy that companies need to stay competitive. By the end of 2019, the AI industry will be well over the $1 trillion-dollar mark. More companies are trying to automate their operations, and until automation becomes fully established, AI will continue to grow. We’ll see the effect of AI in everything from mobile devices to digital assistants.


Another technology driving the software engineering industry right now is blockchain. What started as a small but innovative technology is now becoming more mainstream as more and more companies integrate the technology into their operations. Blockchain is an open, distributed ledger that is managed by a peer-to-peer network. What makes blockchain so useful is that the data stored on the ledger is resistant to modification and theft. Companies are already implementing blockchain technology to authenticate transactions, but blockchain will also be the basis of many of the new apps that come out. Companies want to have their own apps that run on blockchain, which the demand for blockchain-based apps is going to rapidly increase in the near future.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps are websites that resemble native mobile apps for Android and iOS. These apps are great because users receive the mobile experience but also benefit from all the features that come with web browsers like Chrome. Software developers like progressive web apps because they are easier to develop and maintain than mobile apps because they only need to have one app. With mobile apps, they need to develop different apps for different operating systems. You can expect this trend to continue well into 2019.

This is an exciting time for the software development industry. Artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and microservice architecture have created all kinds of new possibilities for developing innovative and pragmatic software and apps.


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