In engineering, there is a constant need to market technical and complex products to other businesses. The need to inform, persuade and convince is part of the industry. A sales engineer is often entrusted with this responsibility.

They are expected to:

  • Manage and interpret customer requirements
  • Present product demonstrations that meet customers’ needs
  • Make engineering adaptations to products and services to meet customers’ needs
  • Provide support for the sales team
  • Meet regular sales target
  • Have a thorough understanding of the product or service being marketed

The job of a sales engineer is quite technical. Hence, specific skills and expert knowledge are needed to succeed at the job. But what qualities make for a successful sales engineer? Here are 7 qualities all successful sales engineers have in common. These particular attributes set them apart from the regulars.

1.   Good Sales Skills


Top salespeople are knowledgeable about the product, the client, and the impact the product can make on production. Good sales skills are the first quality to look out for in a successful sales engineer. Either a product, service, idea, or advice, they definitely will be selling something and thus, need to have good sales knowledge.

2.   Bilingual


Some of the most successful people in this field have taken the extra mile to learn a foreign language. Most especially that of a potential target audience in another country. Since you will be dealing directly with people to help them make decisions, it is vital to understand them, especially in their native language. Here is one quality that sets one apart from the others.

3.   Extensive Technical Knowledge and Skills


Most products and services that a salesperson in the engineering field will be dealing with will be technical. In order to provide the best service, a sound understanding of all products and services being sold is necessary.

As a sales engineer, you should understand:

  • The product technology: understand the core technology behind your product. What makes it unique and better than all others?
  • Product implementation: Having an in-depth knowledge of the application of your product helps you present it to your prospect as the ideal solution.
  • Competitive technology: what are your competitors offering and why is yours better? Help your prospect conclude that your product is the better choice.

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