Most people want a job that challenges them, keeps them engaged, and gives them a sense of purpose and satisfaction. Yet, the majority of jobs out there don’t provide people with these desires. This is one reason employee retention is often a struggle. These tips will help your firm improve retention for construction professionals.

Treat Employees with Respect

Employees want to work somewhere where they feel comfortable and empowered. When you treat all your employees with respect, they will have an easier time speaking their mind and experimenting with out-of-the-box ideas, which are both essential in the construction field. Engineering requires team work, and for team members to work well together, they need to trust and respect each other. They need to know they won’t be judged or reprimanded for voicing their ideas.

Show You Care

While showing employees you care isn’t difficult, it is something many managers forget to do because they often have so much on their plate. Your team wants to feel like the work they do matters. Acts of appreciation remind them that they’re doing their job well and are being seen, which helps motivate them. You want to celebrate employees’ achievements, as well as the company’s achievements. It helps employees see that the construction firm is working towards and accomplishing goals, which improves engagement. Something simple like a thank you card or buying someone lunch can go a long way.

Start Engaging Employees on Day One

New employees often feel lost and overwhelmed early on. Interact with them intelligently to make sure they know they have a place in the company and that they bring value. The team needs cohesion, so newcomers don’t feel like they’re on the outside looking in. Make sure they feel comfortable with their coworkers and clearly understand what the expectations are.

Work with Employees to Develop Career Plans

While as a manager, your main concern is usually with employees’ current positions, employees are thinking about their long-term career plans. Take the time to talk to your team members about their professional goals and help them come up with a clearly defined career path. They’re looking for ways to learn and develop their skills, so give them challenging tasks that test their ability.

With unemployment rates as low as they are, and construction suffering from an ongoing labor shortage, most professionals have many options. If they don’t enjoy their work environment, they are going to look elsewhere to find a job that brings them more satisfaction. To improve retention, you need to create a positive and encouraging environment and show your employees that the work that they do matters.


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