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There are roughly 2.2 million business books published each year, according to data from UNESCO. Only a few go on to be classics. They inspire different strategies and processes for integrating particular practices into your life. Below are three famous examples of business classics that are summer reading list essentials.


  1. Start With Why


“People don’t buy WHAT you do; they buy WHY you do it.” – Simon Sinek in his book Starting With Why


Every business and leader has a ‘why’ factor. It’s essential to know your ‘why’ factor because it’s what others remember. Why are you here? But more importantly, why should anyone care? What makes you different?


According to Marketing Week, emotional advertising campaigns proved to outperform rational campaigns in the long term.


Why? Because emotions form attachments that create memories.


Sinek encourages you to approach every conversation with the ‘why’ first, followed by the ‘how’ and finally, the ‘what.’ The beginning will appeal to the person’s emotions to help form the attachment that gets people excited to hear more about what it is you do.


Marketing yourself or your business starts with how you speak about it to other people. Use this business classic to establish an impact society won’t soon forget.


  1. The Obstacle is the Way


Author Ryan Holiday dove into the Stoic tradition in his book, The Obstacle is the Way. According to Daily Stoic, Stoicism is an ancient philosophy that focuses on maintaining positive emotions to hone a person’s virtues of character.


But if philosophy’s not your thing, don’t worry. This book reads more like a short motivational to-do list of practical business advice than an outdated philosophy book.


It’s an excellent read for anyone looking to make efficient changes in their life. It powerfully explains that – more often than not – many obstacles pave the road to success.


It outlines a powerful mental strategy to help anyone get through bouts of discouragement. Holiday invites the reader to approach all things in life with a results-focused mentality. He states that it enables the brain to envision the steps to manifest the desired result. As if the brain tries to fill in the gaps between where you stand and your goal.


This level of self-discipline and results-oriented thinking keeps you focused on what you are doing in the present moment to bring you closer to your dreams.


  1. Seven Habits of Highly Effective People


There might be seven habits all highly effective people share, but there are four simple takeaways from this book:


  • Visualize your dream goal
  • Strategize a plan to get you there
  • See it through to the end
  • Adjust accordingly


Stephen R. Covey created a masterpiece of a book centered around the archaic notion of following through. It inspires and teaches people to manage their time wisely. To drop the lazy habits to make way for productive ones.


People like Mark Zuckerberg have made 100s of millions and billions of dollars off one’s society’s willingness to be distracted.


Seven Habits of Highly Effective People is a book quickly finished in a few bedside reading sessions. Rather than focusing on results, this book asks the reader to picture the end goal but then use that image to create a plan of short-term goals that will drive you to that end goal.


According to Business Insider, only 15% of poor people read educational, business-related, or self-help books per month, while 85% of wealthy people do. This is your sign to pick up one of these three business classics and get to it. No one can realize your dreams except you.