There are always new types of technology emerging which can transform the way we do things. From automotive and finance to the healthcare and e-commerce industries, software engineers are tasked to keep up with the growing demand for designing, developing, maintaining testing, and evaluating all of the latest computer software. There are several sectors in technology that are expected to expand even more in the future.


For instance, since it’s so vulnerable to intrusions, companies are always looking for ways to bolster their network security. Businesses are pleading for more security engineers to protect their products and services from cybercriminals. Software architects will also be in high demand in many of the following areas too.

Artificial Intelligence

Top technology companies across the globe continue to invest heavily in AI as more researchers strive for stronger systems that are able to outperform humans at cognitive tasks. As the new year approaches, consumers can expect even more advanced AI-powered technology available for both home or business applications. AI-powered recruiting tools will be a recruitment trend to watch for in 2019. As more companies seek to improve their overall customer service, they will turn to software engineers to develop more advanced chatbots with natural language programming so that consumers feel they are speaking with live chat agents.


A growing number of tech and business leaders are jumping on the automation bandwagon in hopes of enjoying its benefits that include faster delivery of products, higher quality and dependability, deeper personalization, and greater convenience. More people will be needed to manage and improve the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bots. Predictions are also indicating that some 40% of enterprises will have automation centers and frameworks in place enabling them to determine how to apply different automation technologies to various business problems.

Virtual Reality

For the first time ever, college students are now able to major in virtual, augmented, and mixed reality. The number of real-world applications of VR continues to grow as more business leaders attempt to harness the technology to save time and money. It’s even being used to deliver expert knowledge to remote locations to people who need it in real time.

Edge Computing

Since traditional cloud services are reaching their limits, software engineers are working to expand it out more toward the edge. Edge computing is considered to be more efficient than other alternatives because it reduces the number of steps data takes to reach its destination. Engineers who are versed in this type of computing will be in high demand as more organizations expand infrastructure to accommodate this technology.


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