Why Switching Jobs May Benefit Your Engineering Career

Although frequent job changes on a resume raise eyebrows, new research suggests that they aren’t necessarily bad. Most people mistakenly believe that engineers, or employees in general, change jobs every few years because they can’t cope with the stressors of the previous position.

However, a new perspective on job transitions has emerged as millennials prepare to take 75% of the workforce by 2025.

4 Ways Switching Jobs May Benefit Your Engineering Career

Millennial engineers have discovered that they can benefit more from stepping out of their comfort zone than from staying in the same job for years. Here are four ways switching jobs may benefit your engineering career.

Better Salary

One of the best methods to significantly increase your current pay, particularly for engineers, is to change jobs frequently. You should expect a 3% raise in your salary per year if you continue with the same employer. However, you can bargain for a 10% to 20% raise or more when looking for a new job, depending on how well you perform in the interview process.

Higher Learning Curve

Engineering is evolving at a rapid pace. Engineers must assist in developing new technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, solar devices, wind turbines, and medical devices. These industries will continue to expand. If you aren’t learning anything new, you will lag behind your peers of the same age in terms of knowledge.

Job-hoppers are often pushed to the limit of their capabilities. Therefore, engineers that get the most out of their brief time in a company are likely to learn a lot and frequently outperform expectations.

Enhanced Performance

There is no such thing as an ideal company or a perfect employer. We’ve all dealt with a toxic work environment, unpaid overtime, excessive workload, and repetitive tasks at some point in our careers. However, there are instances when a positive thing can make up for a negative one.

Trying to make it last longer may make your CV appear more impressive, but your performance at your current employer may suffer. Perhaps your loss is even worse than you imagine. Making the switch can help you have a fresh start and, in turn, improve your performance.

Updated Job Function

To remain relevant in a sector like engineering for the next 10 to 20 years, make sure that you keep up with the latest developments. Is your work in jeopardy of being automated or outsourced? Instead of waiting for the inevitable day when you will be replaced and left without a job, start looking for new opportunities as an engineer.

It’s also good to brush up on your abilities before starting a new technical career. It will keep your job function updated.


As an engineer, you may want to consider making a career change for various reasons since it can benefit you. However, finding an engineering job that meets your needs isn’t easy.

So, you need to be mindful while making the switch. Otherwise, you may get stuck in an even worse place.

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