The hiring process can be challenging whether you’re hiring for a multimillion-dollar company or for a small mom and pop business. You not only have to attract the right talent, you have to win them over and gain their loyalty. While some companies have found a recruiting strategy that works flawlessly, many have processes that are less effective than they could be. Here are three signs you need help with recruiting.

You Don’t Attract the Right People

Attracting the right talent is one of the most difficult parts of hiring. Part of the problem is most companies rely on job boards and use job descriptions that don’t do what they’re supposed to do. Job descriptions tend to list expectations and job duties based on what people with similar positions in the company have done. This doesn’t work, especially since hiring managers often use job descriptions during interview to assess candidates. The problem is that many duties and skills are easy to learn on the job. It is much more important that you find talent that can easily learn new skills. You want people who are smart, creative, and adaptable. Traditional job descriptions usually don’t account for this. In many cases, these types of candidates won’t apply because they think they aren’t qualified. It is better to have job descriptions that focus on what the company can offer candidates.

Your Interview Process Takes Too Long

Bad hires are often a byproduct of an interview process that is too long or overly elaborate. In some cases, you’re getting feedback from ten other colleagues before making a hiring decision. This simply doesn’t work. While it is great to have 100% confidence in your decision, you can’t have a successful hiring strategy if your interview process takes two months. The problem is candidates aren’t just applying to your company. What happens when you finally settle on a candidate, but that candidate accepted an offer from a competitor? If your competitors are doing their interviews in two weeks, you’re at a disadvantage. You have to act quickly.

Retention Is Not Where You Want It to Be

Many companies have no trouble finding candidates to hire but struggle with keeping them. This usually means there is a problem with your onboarding process. Starting a new job is tumultuous. The new hire likely won’t know anyone, so it is easy for them to feel like an outsider. It can also be difficult for them to find their place in the company. A strong hiring strategy takes onboarding very seriously. Finding great talent means nothing if you can’t keep it. Onboarding starts during the interview process. Hiring managers need to be very specific about what the role is and how it contributes to the company overall. Employees want to have a purpose, so if they can’t describe to themselves what their role in the company is, they can easily feel lost. Managers also need to help new hires integrate into the company socially. Something as simple as introducing them to their colleagues can make a real difference.

An effective hiring strategy has many elements. Every strong hiring plan has three things in common: they attract the right people, they allow the company to make quick hiring decisions, and they have a time-tested onboarding process.


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