Premier Construction Employer

So, you want to hit the big leagues in the construction industry and be known as a top employer? Well, roll up your sleeves because it’s no walk in the park. Achieving the status of a ‘Great Place to Work’ like industry giants PCL, Hilti, and Shawmut isn’t just about nailing projects; it’s about nailing your workplace culture. Let’s break down what it takes to be the employer everyone in construction is itching to work for.


  1. Building a Culture That Resonates Look at the pros like Shawmut and PCL. They’ve got this down to an art. It’s not just about giving out shares (though that’s pretty cool); it’s about creating a culture where everyone feels like they own a piece of the action. A workplace where each employee is invested in the company’s wins and losses breeds a level of commitment and innovation that’s unbeatable. This shared sense of purpose is your first step to greatness.


  1. Putting Your People First If your team isn’t feeling it, neither will your clients. That’s just how it works. Prioritize the well-being of your crew. Create an environment that’s all about respect, getting the job done right, and solid teamwork. A happy team doesn’t just stick around; they also draw in the cream of the crop.


  1. Facing the Tough Stuff Head-On Let’s not sugarcoat it – construction has its fair share of stress and mental health challenges. Don’t just sweep these under the rug. Address them upfront and honestly. A workspace that’s safe and supportive doesn’t just feel good; it speaks volumes about your integrity and care, qualities that top talent can sniff out from a mile away.


  1. Investing in Your Team’s Growth Here’s the deal: people want to grow. So, make it happen. Regular training, mentorship, certifications – throw the works at them. When you invest in your team’s development, you’re not just upping their game; you’re showing them they’re valued. And that’s a magnet for top-notch professionals.


  1. Recognizing and Rewarding the Aces You’ve got stars in your team; make sure they know it. A killer recognition and rewards system is crucial. Here’s how to do it right:
  • Celebrate the Wins: Host regular events to toast achievements. It could be anything from a casual lunch to a full-blown awards night.
  • Performance Bonuses: Show me the money! Reward outstanding work financially.
  • Employee of the Month: Old school but gold. Highlight stellar performances and behaviors.
  • Project Completion Bonuses: Nail a big project? Celebrate with a team bonus.
  • Career Moves: Offer promotions or new challenges as a nod to their hard work.
  • Personalized Shout-Outs: Some folks like the spotlight, others a quiet word of thanks. Know your team and tailor your recognition.
  • Learning Opportunities: Reward your high flyers with chances to learn and grow, be it at conferences, workshops, or courses.


This isn’t just about a pat on the back. It’s about creating a culture where excellence and hard work are recognized and celebrated, a surefire way to attract and keep the best in the biz.



Becoming a top-notch employer in construction means more than just impressive builds. It’s about fostering a workplace that people are clamoring to be a part of. By embedding these strategies into your company’s DNA, you’re not just building projects; you’re building a legacy as a top-tier employer.


Ready to transform your construction firm into an industry-leading employer? Start implementing these strategies and watch as top talent flocks to your door. Time to build that dream team!