The construction industry is always adapting new technology and procedures. Keeping up with all of these innovative changes involves using all the tools and resources you have at your disposal, including many of the construction blogs and podcasts that are out there. While there are dozens and dozens of helpful blogs and podcasts available to you, these four are particularly useful if you want to stay up-to-date with construction trends.

Building Design + Construction

This blog discusses a wide selection of topics related to construction and design, from workplace trends to codes and standards to technology updates. While the blog is of interest to anyone in the construction and design industry, it is particularly helpful to executives and construction leaders, as one of the blogs focuses on business strategies.

Raken Construction Blog

Raken is a company that develops construction software, but the company also runs a blog that is a great resource for the tech side of construction. On the blog, you’ll find software updates, video tutorials, safety tips, construction news, and more. You can even find job opportunities and other useful employment information. The website also has a section for webinars, which makes it a useful construction blog to follow if you’re interested in training and development.

The ConTech Trio Podcast

This award-winning podcast focuses on construction-related technology. The weekly episodes cover a wide spectrum of topics, including tech news, construction trends, construction apps and software. The podcast also features special guests, lectures, technology strategies, and more. If you are interested in keeping up with the tech trends in the construction industry, this podcast is a must.

The Pro Construction Guide Podcast for Pros

The Pro Construction Guide is another highly respected podcast for construction professionals. Like the ConTech Trio Podcast, this podcast has weekly episodes that deal with many different issues related to the construction field. On this podcast series, you will find construction budgeting tips, interviews with industry leaders. The podcast also discusses and reviews tools, gadgets, and other construction products. The Pro Construction Guide is particularly useful to those who are concerned with the business side of construction, as they offer many tips about running a successful construction business, featuring advice from accountants, industry consultants, marketing specialists, and more.

While some industries are fairly static, the construction field evolves constantly. The regulations change, the technology and products used in the workplace change, and so much more. It is difficult for any one person to keep track of all the trends and innovations that shape the construction industry. One of the best ways to stay on top of the trends is to follow popular construction blogs and podcasts. These four are some of the best.


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