Software engineers and architects are in demand, partly due to the growing popularity of robotics technology. From car factories to distribution warehouses, deployment of robotic applications is expected to increase across multiple industries in the foreseeable future. Designing and programming robots is essential to help a variety of industries. Their implementation helps people complete repetitive tasks so they can focus on more important work. They can also tackle tasks that are too dangerous for humans, like bomb detection, underwater exploration, etc. Here are some of the exciting advancements in robotics.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Embedded software engineers are helping businesses save time and money by using their skills to design robotic process automation programs that can be used to manage large scale processing like auto-populating forms or spreadsheets, organizing incoming information or processing transactions. RPA can be used in just about any industry to accomplish monotonous tasks, but it’s commonly found in IT, finance and accounting, human resources and customer service. We advise our candidates to be prepared for the challenges that await them, like improving upon algorithms that will diminish the gap between computer and human vision.

New Businesses and Industries

We are also witnessing the expansion of robotics into markets where it didn’t exist before. Agriculture is one industry where technology continues to progress. Software engineers are striving to improve both precision and quality in areas such as urban farming that requires micro adjustments of variables including light, temperature and humidity. Robotics is also proving itself to be useful in the wine and whiskey making process because it ensures more consistency when ingredients are blended and barrels are being monitored. The cannabis industry is another market that is reaping the benefits of robotics where automation is helping in areas of loss prevention and maintaining consistent strains.

Robots-as-a-service (RaaS)

The robotics business model is always changing. We are seeing robotics companies shift from selling their customized software solutions and massive robots to offering their clients subscription packages that include both. Office security is just one of the many different markets that is opting for robotic services. It’s also expected to reach many others including crop dusting, industrial cleaning, warehouse management and many others over the next decade.

Helping People with Disabilities

There are even opportunities to help people suffering from motor impairments. Humanoid robots are being placed around the country to help people complete daily tasks that they otherwise couldn’t do on their own and improve their overall quality of life.


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