Employee benefits are important to know. Employers and recruiters are currently fighting a silent battle to attract and retain the best people for their business. There’s a shortage of people with the relevant skills.

In this environment of decreased supply and increased demand for skilled talent, a clear strategy for finding the best tech workers’ benefits is necessary.

Providing great benefits goes beyond installing a pool table at the cafeteria, free meals, and other perks that seem enticing enough for the tech industry. Incentivizing is about knowing what employees want and making it known to them during and after the recruitment process. Find the benefits that tech workers are interested in below.


Transparency from Leadership


One benefit all tech workers want from leadership and employers is transparency. To them, it isn’t easy to come by these days. You, as an employer or manager, should try as much as you can to operate openly. Transparency is possible by constantly engaging your workforce, seeking feedback, regular communication, and involving them in decision-making.

By so doing, it will make your workers feel valued. And valued tech workers tend to remain loyal to a company.


Tech Workers Want Flexible Work Hours


Another benefit candidates are looking out for is the flexibility of their work. Perhaps, even more than working remotely. According to a study, 96% of employees want flexible work hours. Despite overwhelming demand, only less than 47% get the kind of flexibility they require.

Providing flexibility allows your workforce to take care of other aspects of their lives. Furthermore, flexibility for workers increases productivity. You should include it in your benefits package.




Workers in the tech industry are also interested in improving themselves while on the job. The landscape of technology is constantly changing. Thus, skill sets relevant before may not be so valuable in 3 years.

Your company can adopt employee development such as regular training or tuition reimbursement. This incentive offers the opportunity for their development which is beneficial for your company.


Attractive Pay


Pay is another factor most IT people consider before accepting to work for a company. But you also have the option of presenting other options. Candidates may be willing to take lower pay if there’s the flexibility of work hours or remote work.

You also can entice the best workers by offering employee and career development. These fringe benefits are essential to tech workers and may influence their decision to work for your company.


Diversity in the Workplace


Diversity is a significant benefit you can present to attract and retain a talented workforce. Women are underrepresented in most tech firms. Not only is diversity attractive to candidates, but it’s also a profit-driver for businesses. According to MarketWatch, “diverse companies are 70% more likely to capture new markets”.

Your company should set structures in place to foster diversity for both existing and new employees. One of the most effective ways to do this is to partner with a professional recruitment service that knows your tech company’s needs.

Attracting and retaining the best workers in technology may appear daunting. But putting these surefire benefits in place will go a long way in getting the people you want.