Like many industries right now, technology is transforming accounting and finance. The industry is becoming more automated and services are being streamlined. Overall, the goal of the technological evolution is to improve the customer experience. There are numerous developments going on in the industry right now, but the following are some of the biggest technology trends in accounting and finance.

Cloud Technology

Cloud accounting is one of the biggest trends in accounting right now. Cloud technology, in conjunction with SaaS applications, has allowed mobile accounting platforms to interact with a wide range of applications. This is making accounting more efficient for businesses. While any people still use in-person and desktop-based accounting services, online cloud accounting will be the norm in the future.

Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Tax preparation, payroll, banking, and other jobs within the finance and accounting fields involve a lot of work, yet, increasingly, we are going to see these tasks become more automated. Automation and artificial intelligence have turned the accounting industry on its head. While some worry that technology will make many accounting jobs obsolete, this fear isn’t warranted. There will be plenty of accounting jobs in the future. Artificial intelligence and automation won’t eliminate human workers, it will just make their job easier by giving them access to real-time data and reducing the difficulty of tasks.


Blockchain is another technology that is transforming the finance industry right now. Transactions performed on blockchain have many advantages. The transactions are faster, more transparent, and more secure. Most importantly, if a change is made, every party can see the change as soon as the verification process is complete. Because of blockchain technology, everything from auditing to compliance can be performed raster and with fewer errors.

Big Data

Big data and the Internet of Things is changing the way we make decisions. Financial advisors in particular will see the impact of big data on the finance industry. Accounting professionals have access to better data and more analytical tools than they have ever had before. Big data gives these professionals access to all kinds of client information, industry trends, and financial data. This will allow to make more accurate financial predictions, which, in turn, will allow them to perform consulting tasks more effectively.

Technology trends in accounting and finance like blockchain, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things will change the way accounting and other financial services are performed. These changes will open up many job opportunities, while allowing financial professionals to deliver safer, more efficient products and services. If you’re in the financial or accounting field, there is a lot to look forward to.


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