problem solving

Take a look around you. Almost every human and technological advancement is directly tied to engineering. Your house, smartphone, car, everything you can think of is engineered.

Before these innovations came to be, they were once challenges posing as problems. Most people would see these challenges as roadblocks, but not engineers.

They only saw these problems as yet another obstacle that needed a solution. During creating a solution, they may hit a wall. But they always work out a way around it. Engineers see challenges as opportunities to innovate and create a solution.

If you want to improve your problem-solving skills, you need to understand the mental process. The exciting thing is that you can implement this not just in technical areas but in every aspect of your work and life.

So, how do engineers think and approach problems?

Think of Solutions, not Problems

The first step towards solving a problem is identifying it in the first place. But think of it as a challenge with a solution and not just a pain. Obstacles become less critical when you focus on creating a solution.

Thus, the bigger the problem appears, the more significant the impact of your solution.

Explore and divide the solution

After focusing on a solution to offer, the next step is to divide it into various components. People generally want to solve all their work-related problems all at once. But engineers do not approach problems that way. More often than not, they can be pragmatic and focus on one step at a time.

They divide the problems into different parts so that solutions can be allotted to them separately.

Set goals

Another step to take towards problem-solving is to set goals. You need to ask yourself. What do you want to achieve? How soon can it be completed?

These questions will help you to design a workable solution even before you start.

Analyze possible solutions

Now that you’ve identified the problems, you need to work out a solution. But not just one solution. Outline other possible solutions that will be used to solve the problem.

Select the most likely solution

With several options at your disposal, select the most likely work solution to deal with the problem. Engineers do this, and it always works for them.

If, for instance, your company is understaffed, the most reasonable solution is to partner with a professional recruitment agency that will give you the best people you want.

Design the solution

After identifying the best approach, you can go ahead and start designing it. Along the way, you might find some glitches. But remember why you created it in the first place: to find a solution.

Keep in mind; every solution requires maintenance. Your smartphone needs to be charged to function appropriately. Thus, when creating your solution, always think about maintenance.

Problems typically occur. Solving them requires you to think outside the box, just like Engineers do. These simple tips will help you think about issues and come up with solutions like an engineer.