Engineering Job

Being an engineer comes with a lot of benefits. The pay can be very good, you get to work on complex problems, and sometimes even be creative and innovative. However, you might feel like it’s time to leave your engineering job for various reasons. Some red flags can help you know if the job is right for you or if it’s time to let it go.

1. Your Job Doesn’t Excite You.


While you might have expected the number one reason to be low pay, other reasons seem to contribute more to work frustration. Jobs in the engineering field are generally fascinating. However, not all of them are engaging and when there is little to no excitement about your job, then it might be time to take a hike.

Engineers like innovation and problem-solving. If your job does none of this, then sooner or later, your productivity begins to dwindle alongside your interest in the position, and then work frustration kicks in.

2. Inability to Balance Work and Life


Here is another much-overlooked reason why you should consider leaving that job. It is easy for an engineer to get carried away with work. What is even easier is not realizing that your personal life is being neglected. When you no longer have time for your favorite things and favorite people because of your job, you might need to rethink your position in that company.

Here are a few things that cause an inability to balance work and life;

  • Working too many hours
  • Long-distance to workplace
  • Too much workload

3. Little to No Work Advancement


Does it seem like there are no growth opportunities in the company you work for? Having robust pay is excellent for an engineer, but advancing your career is equally important. You should consider leaving your job is if it has a dead-end. This means that you experience little to no growth, advancement, or opportunities during your time in the career. If it feels like you’ve been in one spot all your time with the job, don’t see yourself doing your boss’ job, and can’t seem to find advancement opportunities in the company you work for, it is time to switch lanes.

4. Regressing Learning Curve


If you notice that your learning curve has peaked and is merely dropping by the day, it’s time to make a tough decision. Would you rather remain there and risk losing your competitive edge? Or resign and move to a company where you are challenged to learn and do better.

5. You Have a Terrible Boss


Communication with your boss and your colleagues is important in any job. Make these relationships a priority. However, if your boss seems to be an overbearing bully and easily makes the most exciting projects burdensome, that’s a red flag to reconsider your position.

6. You Want Something Different


You might be an engineer with a good enough job, yet something feels missing. It might be because you’ve got your head somewhere else, and it’s only a matter of time before your attention is there, too.

Leaving a job in engineering can be challenging and hard to explain, especially for reasons other than money. However, if you come across these red flags, you may want to reconsider if you’re going to stay or go.