In the tech and construction fields, the market is very competitive. Finding the perfect employee is harder than it has ever been. You need every advantage that you can create for yourself if you want to get an edge on your competition. Working with a recruiting firm can give you the right kind of lead.

Find Passive Candidates

A recruiting firm performs cold calls and searches for hidden talent in the marketplace. The best talent is not posting resumes or searching job boards. Most are already happily employed. Although harder to recruit than active job seekers, recruiting passive candidates is a viable tactic because most people are open to change under the right circumstances.

Save Time and Money

A recruiting firm fully vets the candidates, which saves your company time and effort. You can’t spend five seconds on each resume and expect to be able to genuinely evaluate a candidate’s potential. On average, it takes 68 business days for a company to make a new hire. Recruiters specialize in assessing candidates thoroughly, yet quickly. Moreover, they have established networks and can draw from a large pool of potential candidates. This will make your hiring process much more efficient.

Get it Right on the First Try

With traditional hiring methods, you might not end up finding a qualified candidate, or you end up hiring a bad candidate you have to fire three months later. If this happens, you will find yourself back at square one. Now you have to go through the whole time-consuming process all over again. It’s important to make the right hire on your first try. The cost to find, hire, and train a new employee can be almost double the salary for that role. That’s a lot! Recruiting firms guarantee results and only deliver quality candidates who they know will accept an offer. This takes a lot of the stress out of the hiring process.

Recruiting firms use a streamlined process that includes interviews, debriefs, feedback, pre-closing, and more. The process also involves making sure salary and benefits concerns are met. With recruiters, there is less back and forth during negotiations. Once the perfect candidate is found, the recruiter also helps make sure the transition is smooth. Starting a new job is challenging. A recruiter makes sure the new employee has support during the first few weeks and months on the job.

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