Construction Project Manager

In today’s service-based setting, triumph highly depends on how successful an individual is when it comes to completing projects and creating value that withstands for an extensive period. Yet, as per Pulse of the Profession Report by PMI“, organizations are losing nearly 109 million U.S. dollars for every billion dollars expended on programs and projects.

Various projects don’t succeed for multiple reasons; however, this article will expound on and address the right skill set for construction project managers for successful projects that you need to look for.

Project management is a highly sought-after and competitive career. And the job management popularity has led to increased competition between potential candidates. This is why you need to now look for more than merely suitable qualifications and experience.

To determine the right fit for a construction project manager position, you need to look for certain traits that set a candidate apart.

Ability To Embrace Failure

Various job applicants refer to their projects that have been completed with their team to highlight their achievements.

However, you will be more interested if they mention how they handled a failure or disaster in the last job. Therefore, this is one of the excellent construction project management skills that hiring managers seek.

As a recruiter, you want to see how the candidate learns from their experience, demonstrates their abilities, and learn from their slip-ups. Additionally, candidates that narrate the challenges they have encountered and overcome can be a plus point.

Nurture Creative Skills

Creativity lets you solve problems that may seem tricky earlier. However, a project cannot run smoothly, and demanding situations are inevitable as it advances through its lifecycle. Therefore, to gauge a competent construction project manager out of the pool of job applicants, you need to look for candidates who demonstrate their skills of safely navigating the project during a predicament.

However, a construction project manager can include their creative spark in the project and develop ingenious and surprising solutions to issues. As a recruiter, this is something you need to look for in a candidate.

Ability To Take Risk

Most individuals believe that taking risks is solely a sales manager’s task, while the construction project manager also needs to be cautious and sensible. However, today, the business world is evolving and becoming more competitive than ever before. This has compelled the companies to push themselves to be daring enough to take risks and innovate.

From a recruiter’s standpoint, this indicates that the ideal candidate for the position of a construction project manager should have the ability to take risks and ownership of work to go with the existing trends and flow of the corporate world. Therefore, it is vital to be audacious yet practical to take calculated risks and ensure the project’s a success.

Ability to Listen

Recruiters find various job applicants who boast excellent communication skills by keeping up a conversational façade in front of the hiring managers to deliver their point.

Unfortunately, job seekers think that a great communicator should talk, talk and talk! As a result, they overlook another crucial communication element in candidates: listening. The ability to listen makes a significant difference between a great manager and a good manager. A successful and competent construction project manager must listen to their team members and the clients.

Wrapping Up

Finishing projects promptly requires construction project managers to deploy robust methodologies. Additionally, those who can build and integrate new skills from various disciplines are more likely to attain tremendous project success.

As a recruiter, you need to look for a combination of skills when choosing a construction project manager. Ensure that the candidate is open to change, and the rest of the selection process will be easy.