If you want to land a great job in the IT industry, then a good place to start is by thinking about what you want in an opportunity. For instance, some people might only care about the salary they’re offered, but a growing number of employees value opportunities to make a difference in the world over making a certain amount money. The good news is that the demand for workers in the IT profession is growing rapidly. Some of the job titles that recruiters are hiring for now include: Cloud Computing Engineers, Computer Network Specialists, Computer Support Specialists, Database Administrators, Information Tech Analysts, Information Tech Leadership, Information Security Specialists, Software Developers and Web Developers. Here are some valuable tips for how to get hired in the IT industry.

Breaking into Tech

Opportunities abound in technology, but if you aren’t up to speed on the marketplace it can be difficult to get hired. Start by researching the companies you want to work for to learn more about the roles that are open, along with what skillsets are required to land them. Once you start applying for jobs, don’t take rejection personally. Rather, use it to self-evaluate and figure out what might have gone wrong. If you’re not making it past the resume stage, then it’s probably time to have a trusted colleague help you review the content that you are sharing with employers. Or, perhaps you are not making it beyond the interview stage and require additional preparation there. The sooner you recognize that your routine isn’t working, the sooner you can make the necessary adjustments moving forward.

Using an Elevator Pitch

Some candidates believe that crafting the perfect resume, cover letter, and online profile is all you need to get hired. But how you respond to spontaneous interactions when networking can set you apart and open you to opportunities you didn’t even know existed. That’s why it’s helpful to create an effective elevator pitch that sums up your professional experience and job ambitions. Since it’s virtually impossible to share all of your professional background in under 30 seconds, opt for communicating ways you can benefit an employer in a concise manner. A strong elevator pitch should provide a snapshot of your career. Make a list of your most important professional features and narrow it down to the top two or three. You can also share any personal experience and your professional mission. Then, focus on how you are delivering your pitch. Don’t hesitate to rehearse it out loud in front of a mirror to ensure that you are maintaining a steady pace. Your confidence and enthusiasm can have a powerful impact on potential employers.


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