Are you interested in a career in IT? A job in IT comes with many benefits. You’ll get to work in a diverse industry with many opportunities for career growth, and you’ll have a stable income. It’s also a fast-changing field that is rarely boring. Yet, as a job seeker, you might run into trouble if you don’t have the right skills. IT employers want the best talent, and, despite the competitive labor market, most aren’t willing to settle for mediocrity. These are the top skills to have in IT for job seekers to succeed.

Top Skills to Have in IT for Job Seekers:

Cloud Skills

Cloud computing is the most important skill you can have in IT right now. Cloud technology is an enabler of business because it allows companies to use technology like artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things and profit from them. Thus, IT companies always look for professionals with cloud skills when they’re hiring new employees. Moreover, people who specialize in cloud computing usually have some of the highest salaries within IT departments.


Skills related to cybersecurity are also in high demand. Companies know that a major security breach could cost them thousands of customers, so they want an IT team who has the talent to prevent cyberattacks. Moreover, cybercrime increases every year and there aren’t enough specialists right now to fill all the vacant cybersecurity positions. Most cybersecurity positions are highly specialized, so having those skills is an invaluable asset if you’re looking for a job in an IT department.

App Development and Programming

App development jobs are expected to increase 31% by 2026. Companies know how much time consumers spend on their smartphones so they want to develop apps that will allow them to reach potential clients and interact with the clients they already have. As our day-to-day lives become increasingly tied to technology, programming and app development skills are going to become more and more important. The top programming languages you should learn are SQL, Python, JavaScript, and C#.


Wireless networking skills are another area that is in high demand right now. Software-defined networks are expanding their share of the market as more and more organizations realize how much flexibility the technology provides. Networking and wireless jobs offer high salary potential and career growth opportunities. Moreover, growth in networking jobs isn’t expected to slow down anytime soon. If you’re interested in networking, you should consider attaining one of Cisco’s Routing and Switching certifications.

IT is one of the fastest-growing and exciting fields right now. As long as you have the right skills, you’ll find that IT offers many opportunities for career growth, high salaries, and financial stability.


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