Is it hard to break into the IT industry? No.

When you are hiring to fill an engineering position, it is understandable and key to hiring the best person for the role. The following are the traits that set the top engineers apart from the rest. As such, these are the traits that you should prioritize when choosing between candidates.


Engineers Are Honest


Honesty is crucial for an engineer, even in cases when the situation does not reflect well on them or will have negative consequences. Dishonesty can easily lead to project failures which can lead to disastrous consequences for multiple parties, primarily if the team doesn’t properly address a problem. 


They Communicate Well


Engineers must communicate their ideas and plans with clients and others within your company to work together. As such, they need to have solid communication skills. This should include the ability to communicate with people of varying knowledge levels, such as clients who may not have much background knowledge in engineering when working on certain assignments.  


Engineers Are Strong Critical Thinkers (and Logical Thinkers)


To succeed as an engineer, a candidate must have strong critical thinking skills. This is essential as their daily tasks involve analyzing, evaluating, and synthesizing various information. Their necessary thinking skills allow them to handle all aspects of their role.


Logical thinking skills are closely related. They let engineers evaluate potential issues and solutions accurately. Analytical thinking skills also allow engineers to see how a small change will affect other aspects of the system.


Top Engineers Are Typically Curious


Top engineers tend to be more curious people, and it happens to come in handy on multiple occasions. The best engineers want to understand how things work and will put in the time to figure things out.


For many of the best engineers, this interest started at a young age when they took toys apart to put them back together and maybe improve them. In their professional career, they constantly look for ways to improve processes, including their efficiency.


These Engineers Learn Continuously


Part of the creativity you want in an engineer translates to the desire to learn continuously. Top engineers continually look for ways to improve their skills as a way to learn more. They also recognize that methodologies and technologies change, so they must also hone their skills to stay updated.

Specifically, Top Engineers Are Creative


That curiosity also tends to inspire creativity, making both essential traits of engineers. While a great deal of structure is provided from the job’s emphasis on math and science, engineering also leaves plenty of room for creativity.


Engineers must use their imagination to solve problems or develop those previously mentioned ways of improving processes or structures.


Great Engineers Work Well with Others


While some engineering aspects are done alone, engineers must also be good at working with others and collaborating. After all, they will have to regularly interact with supply chain managers, project managers, financial managers, and other engineers. They must keep the goals of all team members in mind as they develop solutions.


If you ask questions during your interview process to cull these well-rounded individuals from the rest, you’ll find the best candidates to fill your engineering position.